Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Foreign Estrogen Infecting Everyone

There are a massive number of chemicals, when introduced into the human body, that mimic the effects of estrogen, primarily affecting the reproductive organs. They are called xenoestrogens.
Being afflicted with fibroid tumors, I was compelled to learn about them, as I did not want a hysterectomy. I needed to find out what caused fibroids, what made them grow, how to arrest the growth and make them shrink. Doctors will tell you this happens naturally during menopause, but most women can't wait that long. I couldn't.
I found myself incapacitated - then better, then worse. I was trying all sorts of topical "phytoestrogen" products (plant estrogens), but with only temporarily relief. I believe everyone is suffering from "estrogen poisoning", leading to an epidemic in breast cancer, ovarian and uterine cancers, fibroids, male breast cancer, prostate cancer - all diseases involving reproductive hormones.
If you look in the animal kingdom, you will also find widespread suffering. There are so many recorded "abnormalities and deformities", all as a result of these chemicals leaching into the water supplies, everywhere. They have practically destroyed most frog species.
In my case, I deduced estrogen (plant, hormone replacement sources and xenoestrogens), were all contributing to the constant growth of the tumors, and had to be eliminated entirely if I wanted to get better.
It worked. I had to change all of my products (as to exclude "parabens" - major xenoestrogens),
and most chemicals. That includes shampoo, lotions, perfumes, hair color and treatment, deodorant, make-up - everything). Pretty much went back to the products my grandmother used!
I give my body only the best organic food, the best water I can find, and stay away from tap water! Don't even wash your face or brush your teeth in it. Our water supply is also inundated with tons of undigested chemicals, adding to the hideous mix.
This is a common scenario of daily xenoestrogen exposure:
You wake up in the morning and brush your teeth with some chemicals so vicious, you're instructed to call the CDC if you swallow them! You jump in the shower. You're hit with your soap, shampoo and conditioner, all containing "parabens" - xenoestrogens. You dry off with a towel coated with the residue of detergent and fabric softener (more xenos), on the largest organ of the body, the skin. If you use some leave-in
treatment in your hair, like Infusium or mousse, well, you're stuck with them all day.
How about some coffee? If it's not organic, you're now subjecting your poor body to coffee beans coated with pesticides (more xenoestrogens). And please tell me you're not drinking tap water! If you are, I'll be right over to deliver a swift kick!
Got a new car, nice "new car smell"? I love that smell. Phthalates, the most dangerous xenoestrogens out there, create that lovely aroma. Freeon from your air conditioner, more xenos. You're getting slaughtered, and haven't even made it to work yet!
Hey, how about a Sausage McMuffin and Egg from you know who. Let' s see, the genetically modified English Muffin (is not from England) has no estrogen, but shouldn't be consumed by anyone. Not your grandmother's English Muffin. The rest of that little ditty is heavy laden with estrogen; the estrogen filled pork (given to increase weight quickly in pigs), the estrogen filled egg (from severely sick chickens; the yolks are dyed that nice bright yellow) and that polluted estrogen strip called cheese.
Okay, we're only to breakfast, and still not at work! I need not belabor the point - every step, every product, every meal has to be reconsidered if you wish to change your life. With your very next organic meal, you will immediately feel as you are supposed to. These substances are foreign poisons to the body; it has no idea what to do with the "newly modified" food supply. If you want to regain control, you have to start over - from scratch - today.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Paget Disease of the Nipple Related to Estrogen

When the hidden benign tumor cells migrate to the nipple the Paget disease appears. You will feel itching, redness appears and your nipple will have wounds. This disease is a signal for a breast cancer, known as ductal carcinoma that could appears anywhere in the nipple tissue.
This type of cancer is the second reason for the death of the women in the United States, after lung cancer. This illness scares women the most, but detected earlier can assure a five years more to survive in 95 % of the cases.
There is unknown the real cause of this breast disease. In sixty percent of the cases the disease appears out of nowhere. The scientist said that the estrogen, which is the female sexual hormone, is the cause of the disease. It develops the cellular growth in the breast tissue and genital organs, but without control. This is the cancer. Most of the causes are the appearance of the period before nine years old women, menopause after fifty five years old, the first child born after forty and lack of the births. The common thing to all above mentioned causes is that the breasts are exposed to many estrogens for a longer period of time.
One of the causes might be also the surroundings. Use as less as possible industrial food. This can stimulate the estrogen growth.
There might be a link between obesity and the breast cancer for women over fifty years old. Depends also what type of life you have. According to a study, published in the Cancer magazine, revealed the fact that women who got 20 pounds plus after the maturity the risk is doubled. The fats are considered one of the causes of the breast cancer. The fats produce more estrogen than the fibers.
The men are also exposed to this disease, for the moment they represent less than one percent of the people who got it. In United States one thousands five hundreds male are diagnosed annually with breast cancer. Almost thirty percent of them dies.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Estrogen Deficiency Symptoms: Why Women Must Know It

Every person should be knowledgeable about how his body works. This is because nobody can take better care of his or her own health but the individual himself or herself. Of course, you can always find doctors who are always available when you need help. But these are only concerned with cases that can no longer solved by a regular individual. This entire premise is even truer for women not because they're physically weaker but simply because they have an internal system that men do not have. The reproductive system is not only different to women; it's also fragile.
When females get to the age once they experience menstruation, they should also start to learn much about their body, particularly their reproductive system. It's in this manner wherein you cam understand the changes that are taking place in your body. With regards to this, they must also learn to acknowledge estrogen deficiency symptoms. Estrogen deficiency can lead into some changes that might make women feel that they are less feminine than they ought to be. Aside from this, it is estrogen that likewise helps their bones become healthier. Hence, it is a cause for worry to have low levels of estrogen in the body.
Generally, there are definite conditions that can cause low estrogen. Therefore, if women actually undergo these circumstances, they would most probably experience estrogen deficiency symptoms. If a female for instance has her ovaries removed in surgery her estrogen levels are sure to drop. A similar thing happens when the ovaries are intensely impaired as a result of certain diseases and misuse or abuse of drugs. Even women who are already in their menopausal stages can experience the said symptoms of estrogen lack. However, what can be the more evident and typical basis for estrogen deficiency is when problems happen in the ovaries.
Estrogen deficiency symptoms are not very hard to distinguish. This is since these symptoms are easily sensed by women. When a woman starts to have hot flushes or when she perspires greatly at night, it's possible that she has low estrogen levels. These symptoms may not cause any discomfort though. What can be worse is when she begins to encounter pain while doing sexual intercourse or when she often has urinary infections. All these are brought on by the fact that tissues at the vagina turn dry and harmful once estrogen level is deficient. It would be probable for her to have vaginal bleeding too.
The problem with some estrogen deficiency symptoms is that they are psychological. The symptoms that have been mentioned are physical and they are much easier to remedy. The psychological symptoms may be more challenging to deal with. Among these are generally depression and loss of concentration, two conditions that may certainly make it difficult for women to work efficiently. A woman having low estrogen can also become very irritated easily. This could naturally have an impact on her relationship with others. She would also no longer be very interested in sex. With all of these symptoms, it's important that women seek medical help to remedy estrogen deficiency.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Estrogen Overload

The answer is most likely yes, as more than 50% of women over 35 years of age experiences hormone imbalance and it is often attributed to estrogen overload. Many suffer in silence because they think that their misery is a normal part of their menstrual cycle or of aging.
If you regularly experience 3 or more of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from estrogen overload:
  • Migraines, Mood Swings, Cramps, Uterine Fibroids, Depression, Osteoporosis, Insomnia
  • Allergies, Memory Loss, Acne, Hot Flashes, Breast Tenderness, Irregular Periods, Miscarriage, Low Sex Drive
  • High Blood Pressure, Facial Hair, Thinning Hair, Unexplained Weight Gain, Inflammation, Fatigue
These ailments are now so commonplace; many doctors don't attempt to make the link to the probability of excess estrogen in the body.
Menopause is often thought of as a time of declining estrogen, but it is actually common for women to experience surges of abnormally high estrogen levels in the menopausal years as well as earlier in life.
This misconception has led many millions of women to engage in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to restore "lost" estrogen and hopefully address the above list of conditions. This additional estrogen may only worsen the problem and even set the stage for the development of deadly disease.
Our bodies are continually bombarded with something called "xenoestrogens".
The term "xeno" means foreign and these act on our bodies to produce estrogen overload symptoms. They're in our food supply from hormones and pesticides, processed foods, plastics and pharmaceuticals as well as personal products to name a few.
"Combined xenoestrogens can have an effect that is 100-1,000 times more potent than the strongest estrogen made in the body." - Eldred Taylor
What you need to know:
  • Estrogen production drops 40% at menopause, but progesterone drops to 90-100%.
  • Menopause problems are caused by lack of progesterone, not estrogen.
  • "Synthetic progesterone" is not doing any good - the liver changes it in the body. So estrogen rages on, unopposed." - Tim O'Shea, The Doctor Within
Phytoestrogens" are the ideal "weak" estrogen (from plants) that can prevent unwanted xenoestrogens from carrying their harmful message. "Breast cancer now strikes 1 woman in 8, up from 1 woman in 30 in 1960 before HRT was popularized." ~ Dr. Michael Lam, M.D.
Estrogen and progesterone are the dynamic duo of female health.
During the menstrual cycle, estrogen must be counterbalanced by another hormone called progesterone. Together, estrogen and progesterone are the dynamic duo of female health.
Studies show that the average woman has more than the amount of estrogen needed to maintain the critical balance with progesterone throughout her lifetime. So the odds are that even though your body will produce less estrogen as you age, you should still have more than you need.
So the bottom line is. reduce estrogen dominance. In fact, you probably don't need more estrogen, you need more progesterone to restore a healthy balance and keep estrogen's "pro growth" tendencies in check.
To start reducing your estrogen dominance risk you can avoid high-fat and highly processed foods, increase fibre to 30 grams/day, reduce alcohol, reduce stress, consume a natural, organic, whole foods diet consisting of raw fruit, vegetables and whole grains and get regular exercise.
You'll feel better, look great and get more enjoyment out of life when your body is balanced naturally.

How Estrogen Imbalance Affects Cellulite

Estrogen is a hormone which is present in the female body in high concentrations. There are many important functions of this hormone in the female human body. An important function of Estrogen hormone in women is to soften the fibrous tissue, which closes women's womb just before the delivery case. This hormone has an important role in delivery process, as childbirth is not possible in the absence of this hormone.
But, the level of this hormone must be maintained, because extra amounts of Estrogen in females are considered to make the connective tissues weak, hence it results the fat to build up in your skin. This is the ideal condition for the cellulite formation and it is why cellulite is more common in women than men.
The extra Estrogen in your body is believed to be one of the main causes of cellulite formation. Most of the people think that this is an inherited genetic disorder and they can do nothing about it. But this approach is not right, as there are a lot of methods developed to normalize Estrogen hormone in the body.
There are various drugs available which can be used to maintain the estrogen level in the body to reduce the cellulite but most of them have nasty side effects.
The working of different hormones in human body is quite complex and it is impossible for even doctors to guess the ending result. Let us consider that you are able to lower Estrogen level in your body by using a handy medicine. But this will decrease the absorption of calcium in your bones. The womb tissues will not be softened to facilitate the birth process. There may be many other problems which may be seen if you are just trying to reduce the estrogen level in the body to reduce the cellulite.
Therefore, it is recommended to always use a natural method to reduce the excessive hormones production. Today, numerous North American and European medical institutes are considering Vita Moor to treat Cellulite. This medication is actually a mixture of natural and biological essences. The main feature of Vita Moor is that it does not have any side effects. It is very good in maintaining circulation at appropriate level, as it eliminates toxin substances and is useful for proper lymphatic drainage, and as you know all of these elements are the main factors in erasing cellulite from your skin.
It is believed that Estrogen hormone is responsible for the weakening of human's connective tissue and is the main reason of cellulite. But in addition to extra estrogen level the decreased lymphatic and blood circulation to the skin are the other important factors which are responsible for the cellulite formation. Females, generally, have soft connective tissues, but if they have a bad lymphatic and blood circulation, the cells beneath their skin begin to build up the toxins, which swell up because of fat and fluid retention. This swelling will result in the stretching of connective tissues which starts the cellulite formation.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Estrogen and Wrinkled Skin Connection

Can Estrogen Prevent Wrinkles?
Did you know that besides using the best wrinkle creams money can buy, for women of a certain age, estrogen or natural plant based hormones can also be used in the war against wrinkles?
Menopause or Premenopause starts with a decline in hormones which also causes a decline in:
-skin moisture
-collagen production
-elastin production
All of this leaves us with wrinkled, thin, dry itchy skin. Not fair is it?
But Don't Despair - There May Be Hope After All
When plant based estrogens - called phytoestrogens - breakdown in the body they convert to estriol. Although estriol is the weaker of three main estrogens produced in the body, it is an important anti aging skin cream for women experiencing a decline in estrogen production.
Studies have shown that a drop in hormone production causes elastin and collage and production to drop - leaving us with wrinkly, sagging skin.
The Journal of International Menopausal Society has stated that estrogen decline has a profound effect on skin and found that when postmenopausal women received estrogen treatment - they had an increase in collagen, elasticity, and dermal thickness.
Other studies found that in women who took estrogen replacement, the chance of having dry wrinkled skin was 30% less, than those who did not. They also took in to account life style habits, such as smoking and sun expose, adjusted for these two factors, and still found the benefits of estrogen on skin health were significant.
So What Can You Do?
Try Natural Estrogen Creams
While hormone replacement therapy may not be for everyone, there are safe alternatives you can try to help relieve or prevent menopausal skin deterioration. You can try over-the-counter natural estrogen (estriol) creams containing plant compounds with phytoestrogenic activity.
Dr. John Lee, a pioneer and international authority in the use of natural estrogen and progesterone creams for natural hormone balance. He found that phytoestrogen creams applied to the skin can help reverse wrinkling and should be considered an important anti aging skin care treatment. He also found that estriol cream can be helpful for acne and acne scars.
These creams can be found anywhere in health food stores or the internet. My favorite is a brand called Emerita. They've been around long before I ever needed hormones - I found out about them while working at a health food store and this brand was the favorite among pre and menopausal women.
Try Natural Progesterone Creams
USP natural progesterone creams are also sold over-the-counter and are derived from plant fats and oils - a substance called diosgenin - which is extracted from wild yams or soybeans.
A study published in The British Journal of Dermatology documented the beneficial effects of using 2% natural progesterone cream on skin texture of women during and after menopause. The impressive results showed a 23% increase in skin firmness, 29% wrinkle reduction around the eye area (crows feet) and almost 10% reduction of the depth of laugh lines.
Some companies sell both natural estrogen and progesterone together in one cream product; however, you need to find which one is best suited for your needs.
Some women may be estrogen dominate and therefore will only need or feel good when using progesterone cream. Others may be low in both estrogen and progesterone and will require both hormones.
Please be sure to speak to your gynecologist or health care professional before trying any topical hormones.
Black Cohosh
An natural product that can help is an herb called Black Cohosh. It was originally used by Native American to ease menstrual problems, is often included with these natural hormone creams. Black cohosh has been found to have a hormone-like structure, allowing it to bind to human estrogen receptors - making it a good choice for correcting the negative effects of decreased hormones on the skin.
In addition, black cohosh may help prevent the breakdown of skin structure support and increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This herb is often added to natural estrogen creams along with other herbs as complete hormone balancing formula.
How To Use The Creams
Keep in mind, these are not face creams, they are natural topical hormone replacement creams applied to the body to help restore proper hormone balance.

High Estrogen Levels Can Be Dangerous

The symptoms of perimenopause can be extremely uncomfortable. Hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings can bring havoc into the lives of everyone, especially the woman dealing with them. The idea of taking a pill to stop all of these problems seems heavenly.
It also sounds to good to be true, and there is some evidence to support that theory. Large amounts of estrogen in your body can do a lot of harm. Some of this information is still being studied, but preliminary and animal studies have been done, and some have had larger, human studies done.
Autoimmune Disorders: An autoimmune disorder is basically your immune system attacking a healthy part of your body as if it were a foreign object. There are several, including a disease called myasthenia gravis. Studies in mice show strong support for the theory that this disease is caused by increased estrogen levels.
Cancer: One of the main reasons herbalists are very careful with herbs or foods that contain this hormone is that it can cause reproductive tract cancers. Prescription HRT medications can also cause this side effect. If you have a relative who has suffered from any of these cancers, it is even more important that you avoid these products.
Heart Disease: The American Heart Association recommends that women avoid HRT in any form. The studies were something of a surprise in this area, but there have been enough of them performed to show a strong link between it and heart disease in women.
Now that you can see the problems that can result from these products, it's a good idea to tell you what to look for in both food and testosterone supplements so that you don't inadvertently increase the levels in your body. Some of them may be surprising to you.
All of the herbs for "female problems" contain at least some phytoestrogen. Black cohosh, blue cohosh, chaste berry, hops, motherwort, soy and wild yams are a few that you may want to ask about before taking them. Of these, soy and blue cohosh are the most dangerous.
Believe it or not, your body may be overproducing its own hormone levels. This is especially true if you are overweight. Another source is stress. That depletes progesterone output, which makes the reaction to estrogen stronger.
If you consume a lot of these products or you are concerned about the possible harm they could do to your body, talk to your doctor about it. If you are considering HRT, mention these concerns, as well. As more studies come out, there may be other options available.