Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Paget Disease of the Nipple Related to Estrogen

When the hidden benign tumor cells migrate to the nipple the Paget disease appears. You will feel itching, redness appears and your nipple will have wounds. This disease is a signal for a breast cancer, known as ductal carcinoma that could appears anywhere in the nipple tissue.
This type of cancer is the second reason for the death of the women in the United States, after lung cancer. This illness scares women the most, but detected earlier can assure a five years more to survive in 95 % of the cases.
There is unknown the real cause of this breast disease. In sixty percent of the cases the disease appears out of nowhere. The scientist said that the estrogen, which is the female sexual hormone, is the cause of the disease. It develops the cellular growth in the breast tissue and genital organs, but without control. This is the cancer. Most of the causes are the appearance of the period before nine years old women, menopause after fifty five years old, the first child born after forty and lack of the births. The common thing to all above mentioned causes is that the breasts are exposed to many estrogens for a longer period of time.
One of the causes might be also the surroundings. Use as less as possible industrial food. This can stimulate the estrogen growth.
There might be a link between obesity and the breast cancer for women over fifty years old. Depends also what type of life you have. According to a study, published in the Cancer magazine, revealed the fact that women who got 20 pounds plus after the maturity the risk is doubled. The fats are considered one of the causes of the breast cancer. The fats produce more estrogen than the fibers.
The men are also exposed to this disease, for the moment they represent less than one percent of the people who got it. In United States one thousands five hundreds male are diagnosed annually with breast cancer. Almost thirty percent of them dies.

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