Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Foreign Estrogen Infecting Everyone

There are a massive number of chemicals, when introduced into the human body, that mimic the effects of estrogen, primarily affecting the reproductive organs. They are called xenoestrogens.
Being afflicted with fibroid tumors, I was compelled to learn about them, as I did not want a hysterectomy. I needed to find out what caused fibroids, what made them grow, how to arrest the growth and make them shrink. Doctors will tell you this happens naturally during menopause, but most women can't wait that long. I couldn't.
I found myself incapacitated - then better, then worse. I was trying all sorts of topical "phytoestrogen" products (plant estrogens), but with only temporarily relief. I believe everyone is suffering from "estrogen poisoning", leading to an epidemic in breast cancer, ovarian and uterine cancers, fibroids, male breast cancer, prostate cancer - all diseases involving reproductive hormones.
If you look in the animal kingdom, you will also find widespread suffering. There are so many recorded "abnormalities and deformities", all as a result of these chemicals leaching into the water supplies, everywhere. They have practically destroyed most frog species.
In my case, I deduced estrogen (plant, hormone replacement sources and xenoestrogens), were all contributing to the constant growth of the tumors, and had to be eliminated entirely if I wanted to get better.
It worked. I had to change all of my products (as to exclude "parabens" - major xenoestrogens),
and most chemicals. That includes shampoo, lotions, perfumes, hair color and treatment, deodorant, make-up - everything). Pretty much went back to the products my grandmother used!
I give my body only the best organic food, the best water I can find, and stay away from tap water! Don't even wash your face or brush your teeth in it. Our water supply is also inundated with tons of undigested chemicals, adding to the hideous mix.
This is a common scenario of daily xenoestrogen exposure:
You wake up in the morning and brush your teeth with some chemicals so vicious, you're instructed to call the CDC if you swallow them! You jump in the shower. You're hit with your soap, shampoo and conditioner, all containing "parabens" - xenoestrogens. You dry off with a towel coated with the residue of detergent and fabric softener (more xenos), on the largest organ of the body, the skin. If you use some leave-in
treatment in your hair, like Infusium or mousse, well, you're stuck with them all day.
How about some coffee? If it's not organic, you're now subjecting your poor body to coffee beans coated with pesticides (more xenoestrogens). And please tell me you're not drinking tap water! If you are, I'll be right over to deliver a swift kick!
Got a new car, nice "new car smell"? I love that smell. Phthalates, the most dangerous xenoestrogens out there, create that lovely aroma. Freeon from your air conditioner, more xenos. You're getting slaughtered, and haven't even made it to work yet!
Hey, how about a Sausage McMuffin and Egg from you know who. Let' s see, the genetically modified English Muffin (is not from England) has no estrogen, but shouldn't be consumed by anyone. Not your grandmother's English Muffin. The rest of that little ditty is heavy laden with estrogen; the estrogen filled pork (given to increase weight quickly in pigs), the estrogen filled egg (from severely sick chickens; the yolks are dyed that nice bright yellow) and that polluted estrogen strip called cheese.
Okay, we're only to breakfast, and still not at work! I need not belabor the point - every step, every product, every meal has to be reconsidered if you wish to change your life. With your very next organic meal, you will immediately feel as you are supposed to. These substances are foreign poisons to the body; it has no idea what to do with the "newly modified" food supply. If you want to regain control, you have to start over - from scratch - today.