Friday, February 18, 2011

How Estrogen Imbalance Affects Cellulite

Estrogen is a hormone which is present in the female body in high concentrations. There are many important functions of this hormone in the female human body. An important function of Estrogen hormone in women is to soften the fibrous tissue, which closes women's womb just before the delivery case. This hormone has an important role in delivery process, as childbirth is not possible in the absence of this hormone.
But, the level of this hormone must be maintained, because extra amounts of Estrogen in females are considered to make the connective tissues weak, hence it results the fat to build up in your skin. This is the ideal condition for the cellulite formation and it is why cellulite is more common in women than men.
The extra Estrogen in your body is believed to be one of the main causes of cellulite formation. Most of the people think that this is an inherited genetic disorder and they can do nothing about it. But this approach is not right, as there are a lot of methods developed to normalize Estrogen hormone in the body.
There are various drugs available which can be used to maintain the estrogen level in the body to reduce the cellulite but most of them have nasty side effects.
The working of different hormones in human body is quite complex and it is impossible for even doctors to guess the ending result. Let us consider that you are able to lower Estrogen level in your body by using a handy medicine. But this will decrease the absorption of calcium in your bones. The womb tissues will not be softened to facilitate the birth process. There may be many other problems which may be seen if you are just trying to reduce the estrogen level in the body to reduce the cellulite.
Therefore, it is recommended to always use a natural method to reduce the excessive hormones production. Today, numerous North American and European medical institutes are considering Vita Moor to treat Cellulite. This medication is actually a mixture of natural and biological essences. The main feature of Vita Moor is that it does not have any side effects. It is very good in maintaining circulation at appropriate level, as it eliminates toxin substances and is useful for proper lymphatic drainage, and as you know all of these elements are the main factors in erasing cellulite from your skin.
It is believed that Estrogen hormone is responsible for the weakening of human's connective tissue and is the main reason of cellulite. But in addition to extra estrogen level the decreased lymphatic and blood circulation to the skin are the other important factors which are responsible for the cellulite formation. Females, generally, have soft connective tissues, but if they have a bad lymphatic and blood circulation, the cells beneath their skin begin to build up the toxins, which swell up because of fat and fluid retention. This swelling will result in the stretching of connective tissues which starts the cellulite formation.

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  1. This blog is too informative for me. I really found some new information about natural hormone replacement . I did not know that estrogen is responsible for the weakening of humans's connective tissues and is the main reason of cellulite. Thanks